Schlipf Precision Ag Services

At Schlipf Precision Ag, we specialize in getting your farm machinery up and running and ensuring that it remains in optimal condition. Our range of services includes comprehensive repair and setup options for Precision Planting and all the brands that we stock. As Premier Precision Planting dealers, we sell, install and service the full line of Precision Planting products, as well as the products listed on this site. Our facility is equipped with the latest repair tools, and our trained personnel are skilled at handling all kinds of repair and setup requirements. We understand the crucial role that your ag equipment plays in your business operations, and that's why we are dedicated to delivering the best possible service to keep it functioning at its peak performance.

SPA Services Include:
  • Complete Planter Rebuilds
  • Custom Planter Modifications
  • Full Planter Inspections
  • On-site Consultations
  • Help Analyze Your Planting Maps
Why Choose Us:
  • Full‐time Trained Technicians
  • Extensive Product and Parts Inventory
  • Service Truck Available for On‐farm Service
  • We Offer Practical Advice to Assist with Decision Making
  • SPA Hosts Planter Clinics and Training Field Days for Customers
Want To Improve Your Farming Operation?
We Can Help You Increase Your Yield And Much More.
Informative Events and Training

Schlipf Precision Ag hosts planter clinics at several of their dealer locations throughout the winter. We also host "Summer Worm’s Eye View" field day held every summer in Milford for SPA customers.

Winter Meeting
Every late January we host a one day educational event for growers curious about what steps are available to improve their operation. Topics include planter maintenance, agronomy, technology options, plot results, and many others. Winter Meeting is a day where we, as planter experts, can share what we are seeing and experiencing. Also, growers can share and bounce ideas off each other as to what lessons they learned from their own operations. In conjunction with Precision Planting and their national reach, we can provide speakers with a vast depth of experience. We invite you to our shop for a peek at what we are working on and thinking about.
20/20 Training
20/20 updating, set-up, and operation are critical for a smooth planting experience. So much so that we host specific training sessions in March to educate and refresh growers on the functionality for the Precision Planting 20/20 Monitor. These evening events focus on ensuring software is up-to-date, configuration is entered correctly, operation is understood, and questions are answered. Eliminating those first days of planting issues is a win for all involved. Whether you are experienced or brand new to your 20/20, come for an evening of learning.
Worm's Eye View
In August, we host our annual summer field day. This event offers growers hands-on experience in plots, root pits, live planter demos, and much more. We strive to be curious on our own farm and love to share our knowledge with our customers. Come see the effects of setting your planter up correctly (or incorrectly). Worm's Eye View is a one day event held two back-to-back days to accommodate the demand and results in more personal experience. Join us and the Precision Planting team for a day of thought provoking ideas and planning.
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