What We Do For You


As Premier Precision Planting dealers, we sell, install and service the full line of Precision Planting products, as well as the products listed on this site.


  • Complete planter rebuilds and all levels of planter modifications.
  • SPA offers full planter inspections so you will be ready to go to the field.
  • We are available to walk your fields and help analyze your planting maps.
  • Custom data management and precision application prescription services.


  • SPA employs full‐time trained technicians to ensure service to our customers is excellent and prompt.
  • SPA maintains an extensive product and parts inventory.
  • A service truck and trailer are stocked and available for on‐farm service.
  • SPA works closely with representatives in other areas to ensure we are accessible to customers throughout the region.  See our Contact Us page to find a representative in your area.


  • Whether you are considering a new planter or upgrading your existing planter, we can offer practical advice to assist with decision making.


  • Schlipf Precision Ag is involved with research and prototype testing for future Precision Planting products, allowing for first-hand experience with technology before it is released for full production.
  • Rich has traveled to New Zealand to participate in on-farm learning and testing of new Precision Planting products


  • SPA hosts planter clinics at several of their dealer locations throughout the winter.
  • Summer Worm’s Eye View field day held every summer in Milford for SPA customers.


Our operation has been working with Rich Schlipf and his staff at Schlipf Precision Ag for several years now. We have fitted 7 different John Deere, Kinze, and Great Plains planters with Precision Planting products from them.

The staff at SPA has a unique ability to fit a planter to meet each customer’s specific needs. They have training to fit your planter for every condition from the toughest no-till operation while applying in furrow and 2×2 fertilizer to a stripped down seed only application in a garden seed bed.

SPA also offers agronomic services and high quality nutrient management.

SPA offers several training sessions each year to help farmers grow a more profitable crop.

I highly recommend the SPA staff to assist you in obtaining the highest standard of seeding possible in your operation.

David and Zach Schrock
Schrock Farms
Bremen, IN

I first met Rich a couple of years ago when I was considering adding an electric drive system to planter.  He helped me consider my options and always had my best interest in mind.  In the end, I put Precision Planting’s vDrive motors with vSet meters on my planter and haven’t looked back.  I now have come to expect at least 99% singulation from my meters.

I also use Precision Plantings 20/20 SeedSense monitor now and have come to rely on it to not only monitor but also help diagnose problems.  It is so user friendly!  In one instance, there was a problem with one of the electrical cables.  After talking briefly with Rich around 5 in the evening, he got on the road, drove the hour up here, and had us up and running again by 7.

I have also been very impressed with the technicians SPA has on staff.  They too are knowledgeable and will do what it takes to keep us running and make sure we are well trained.  I’m amazed at the variety of spare parts Rich keeps on hand in order to have quick access to whatever part you need to keep running.  Schlipf Precision Ag will take good care of you.

George Brossman
Vandalia, MI