Surprisingly, your ripper is likely leaving 40% of the subsoil undisturbed. Dig and you'll find berms of untouched soil that can impede root access to moisture and nutrients.

360 BULLET is a berm buster. Wide wings are aerodynamically positioned toward the front of the point - creating fault lines that stretch horizontally and vertically. And it does this without significantly more horsepower or wear.


  • Rugged, fabricated design withstands impact. Wings are reinforced with hardening to improve wear-life and the nose cap is wear-resilient cast.
  • Aerodynamic design uses just incrementally more horsepower and fuel compared to traditional ripper points - no need to change tractors when you change to the 360 BULLET.
  • Precision wing angle and pitch lifts and fractures across the soil profile without creating compaction under the wing, eliminating undisturbed berms to provide unrestricted root access to nutrients.