Climate Corp

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Climate FieldView Cab

  • High definition images of planting data
  • View population, singulation, down force and spacing pass by pass, row by row, and foot by foot
  • View two maps side by side for diagnosing problems or comparing

Climate FieldView Plus

  • Wireless cloud-based system puts your data at your figure-tips, wherever you go, at any time
  • Share coverage wirelessly between planters and combines

Climate FieldView Prime

  • Weather, soil and crop data at the field level
  • Online tracking and scouting tools
  • Improves your production decisions
  • Field and weather information updated as it happens

Climate FieldView Drive

  • View planting and harvest data on your iPad regardless of which monitor you use
  • Streams data wirelessly using Bluetooth

Climate FieldView Pro – Nitrogen Advisor

  • Prevent crop stress instead of simply reacting to it
  • See field-level nitrogen supplies based on applications, crop stage and weather, along with how much N crops will require
  • Explore custom scenarios to determine the smartest amount of N to apply and the best time to do it

Climate FieldView Pro – Field Health Advisor

  • Use in-season and historical field imaging to evaluate crop health and identify issues before they impact yield
  • Prioritize scouting activities and save time by identifying which areas need your attention before heading into the field
  • Get a new perspective on how decisions are impacting crops and a head start on planning for next year

Climate FieldView Pro – Script Creator

  • Use soil maps to easily identify management zones and generate variable seeding rate prescriptions
  • Execute these prescriptions on your equipment of choice
  • Collaborate with your trusted advisor to create custom prescriptions