Precision Planting

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Ready Row Unit

  • Cast Iron Row Unit
  • 14” parallel arms
  • 16” Disk openers
  • 11” of row unit travel
  • Gauge wheel options- 3” or 4.5”
  • Optional gauge wheel scrapers
  • Closing wheel options- rubber, cast iron, or none (add aftermarket)
  • Universal faceplate – many row cleaner and fertilizer coulter options
  • Precision Planting product compatible


  • Automatically control down force on each section of a drill
  • Each section managed individually, automatically, and correctly
  • Controlled by a 20/20 and load cells


  • Plant two different hybrids with a seed selector and a single vSet meter
  • Compatible with both seed tubes and SpeedTube

Gen 3 20/20

  • Real time data from your field
  • Customizable views

20/20 SeedSense Monitor

  • Display parameters: population, singulation, good spacing, down force, skips and multiplies, etc.
  • Maximize planter speed without compromising performance
  • Measure down force to eliminate costly compaction


  • Combines power of the 20/20 with a new flow sensor, elevator chain and paddle
  • Simple calibration
  • Spatially accurate yield maps


  • Near instantaneous control of down force
  • Hydraulic based system
  • Controls each row individually based on the amount of weight each row unit’s gauge wheels are exerting on the ground


  • Single row control for vSets meters
  • Accurate variable rate populations and swath control
  • 12v electric motor drive eliminates all current drive components

vDrive Insecticide

  • Electric motor driven insecticide meter removes need for chains
  • Provides accurate delivery across your entire speed range
  • Row by row control

Multiple Hybrid Meter

  • Switch hybrids from management zone to management zone
  • Instantaneous and simultaneous switching between hybrids and populations
  • Uses vSet and vDrive technology


  • Maximize spring planting windows by planting much faster
  • Seeds ride a flighted belt all the way to the bottom of the trench
  • Belt spins a rate the increases and decreases with planter speed and seeding rate to ensure seed placement is optimal


  • Automatic management of down force
  • Smart pins on the row unit measure removable weight
  • Increases or decreases air pressure in row-unit airbags to increase or decrease weight on the row unit
  • Governed by the 20/20


  • Automatic control of variable rate drive systems (manage populations) and swath control (shut off individual rows or sections of the planter)
  • Air or electric clutches controlled by the 20/20

eSet Meters

  • Singulate any seed size or shape
  • Improved seed release
  • No adjustments
  • Better seed agitation

Keeton Seed Firmer

  • Gently sets seeds in the bottom of the trench
  • A thin piece of poly slides down the seed trench, trapping seeds as they exit the seed tube and firming them into the bottom of the “V”


  • Accurately places liquid fertilizer in ideal locations for nutrient absorption
  • Dual-band near furrow (3/4”) placement
  • Optional band in-furrow
  • Enables increased rates of common starters to be applied safely


  • Highly accurate and flexible fertility control system for your planter, sprayer, or sidedress bar
  • On-row liquid control which incorporates flow measurement and control in a single device
  • Row by row features include turn compensation, swath, automatic flow balancing and variable rate prescription execution
  • Used, without modification, from the lowest pop-up rates on the planter to the highest sidedress rates, across the full range of speeds