Manufactured Parts

YieldSense Combine Adaptations

Precision Planting’s YieldSense can be installed on select AGCO, CIH, and New Holland Combine Models with specially designed harnesses and flow sensor brackets.

DeltaForce Bracket Kit

Install DeltaForce on John Deere 7000 Series and Kinze 2000 Series Planters

AirForce Bracket Kit

Install AirForce on John Deere 7000 Series and Kinze Planters

1770NT Wing Tank Kit

Add liquid storage capacity to your JD 1770NT.  150 gal or 200 gal options available.

vApply Mounts

Mounting brackets to plumb vApply for section control.

On-Row Mounts

Allows for mounting of a CAN Expansion Hub at the rear of the row unit. Provides mounting for vApplyHD or CAN FlowSense left of meter. Has slots for improved harness and tube routing to rear of row unit.