Dawn Equipment

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M-Series Closing Wheels

  • The Curvetine™ Closing System has unique curved teeth to chip-in side wall compaction without ejecting soil from the seed zone.

Hydraulic, Floating Row Cleaners

  • Simple, dependable design give unparalleled control over your row cleaning
  • Row cleaners can be instantaneously adjusted over the length of the planter using a simple in-cab interface
  • Mounts to toolbar, so it doesn’t affect the down pressure of the row unit
  • With stackable control valve assemblies, you can control wings and center section independently of each other

Hydraulic Fertilizer Opener

  • Equipped with hydraulic down force for simple, rapid in-cab adjustments, and allows for application at a constant depth
  • A spectrum of control options ranging from very straight-forward in-cab manual control options, to control with your mobile device, to fully automated and integrated controls that interface with a range of additional hydraulic tools for your planter
  • A small flexible blade provides protection from residue getting pinched between the fertilizer book and the opener without requiring additional power