360 Yield Center

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  • Reduces header loss by 80% by closing the gaps in traditional deck plates and gathering chains.
  • Mounts easily on corn heads
  • Field test show that 360 YIELD SAVER typically captures and additional 1.8 bushels per acre
  • You no longer have to manage the header speed to minimize header loss

360 SoilSCAN

  • Field-side soil nitrate analysis
  • pH and water nitrate sensors available also
  • Fast results
  • Machines are lab certified
  • N application recommendations for each sample
  • Know where to sample with Yield Patrol App
  • Geo-linked results are sent wirelessly to an iPad

360 Y-Drop

  • This revolutionary product greatly increases the efficacy and application window for in-season nutrient applications.
  • Precisely place nitrogen at the stalk base to utilize nature’s gift of stem water for incorporation.
  • Allow real-time management of nitrogen based on the field environment and grower management practices.
  • Enable the use of 360 UnderCOVER for complete inner canopy coverage of liquid sprays (fungicides, nutrients, insecticides, etc.).
  • Adjustable arms allow for a range of row spacings.
  • Multiple orifice sizes allow for a wide range of variable rate prescriptions
  • See trial data in the 2015 360 Yield Center Yield Book


  • Upgrade your coulter bar and get precise nitrogen placement well into V6 for more flexibility and bigger yields
  • Variable rate nozzles are available for customizing the rate, time and placement of nitrogen
  • New breakaway risers give more protection on uneven terrain

360 UnderCOVER

  • Deliver inner canopy coverage for a wider window of crop applications of various liquid sprays (fungicides, insecticides, nutrition products, etc.).
  • Take control of late-season disease and insect infestations with complete coverage.
  • Each unit operates up to 6 multi-directional spray nozzles in a hard shelled housing.
  • Increase product efficacy by delivering maximum target coverage when and where you need protection.
  • Mount 360 UnderCOVER to 360 Y-Drop.
  • 360 UnderCOVER allows for vertical placement inside the canopy and directed spray at the target.


  • Manages pressure and keeps NH3 liquid all the way to the injectors to ensure equal distribution to every row regardless of temperature
  • Use ammonia more efficiently
  • Wider application window allows for greater flexibility
  • Improved sealing at injection point


  • Direct Replacement for old stalk rolls
  • Creates ideal environment for soils microbes to break down stalks and increase N availability
  • Cuts stalks precisely for better row cleaning and a clear seedbed Crimps and scores stalks to expose the interior to microbes
  • Sizes stalks for faster decomposition and microbial breakdown


  • Fracture the complete soil profile, eliminating subsurface berms left by other ripper points for better root penetration and access to nutrient
  • Aerodynamic design maintains similar horsepower requirements, compared to traditional ripper points
  • Precision wing angle and pitch lifts soil without creating compaction under wing